Breakthrough. Connect. Grow. Succeed with STARS.

Local Presence. Global Partner.

STARS Holding Company utilizes years of global business expertise in a multitude of fields to create promising business ventures worldwide. From our base in Marlton, New Jersey, USA, STARS reaches far across the globe, offering a concept to completion approach for bringing a principal company to market.

STARS is Connected.

No matter which global region you are venturing into, STARS is already there with on-the-ground connections forged from years 25+ years in the energy and engineering industries. Leveraging personal relationships and a highly-respected reputation, STARS guides your business step-by-step from the early days of acquisition and set up through up-and-running operations. Our goal is to remove obstacles to allow for the right opportunities, maximum returns and a scalability that is unmatched in the industry.

Your Success Is In The STARS!

STARS rises above the competition by providing a direct, open, and constant line of communication between your company and the end customer. This allows for full transparency, business monitoring, and a maximally efficient business model. We look to constantly maintain the highest levels of integrity to protect the interests of all parties involved. The end result: success on a global scale.

Grow, Change, Compete.

STARS has the flexibility and stamina to grow, change and compete in some of the most technologically advanced industries on earth. We strive to remain on the cutting edge in the fields of industrial energy, green energy, real estate, as well as capital funding of such projects and businesses. We are always reaching for the STARS!

Ready to go global? Contact us today and see for yourself the difference STARS can make for your global business venture.